There’s a 2048 craze going across iOS and Android. A few developers have been making their own versions of the game for BlackBerry 10, however ReFocus Labs has taken the game type and totally reimagined it, with Hues. Hues is the same puzzle/card game you love inspired by Threes! / 2048.

This rendition of the application brings in an inventory system, power ups and changing colors throughout that record your progress as you collect “tiles” or members of the Hues “Clan.” It’s neat and makes the game play really engaging and intuitive.

Best of all the game play has been optimized for the QWERTY input for you Q10 owners out there. It’s a fast and fluid game that is a great, free addition to BlackBerry World. There are two in app purchases as present: one to buy 1000 Hues points for your game inventory, and as well, one that allows you endless play where you go until there are no further combinations.

Key Features:

It’s a fun, addictive game definitely worth a download.