Halo 5 DLC: Will Get Back Firefight, Plus More Content

Just days after the release of Hammer Storm, new content for Halo 5: Guardians has been announced. 343 Industries, the producer of Halo 4 and Halo 5, revealed the next four updates that will be released for the game. Each will be released separately over the coming months, and all of them will be completely free to download.

While not much is known about these updates at the moment, Microsoft has announced that Firefight will return to Halo 5. Fans of the Halo series will remember Firefight, a game mode introduced in Halo 3: ODST. In it, players were tasked with repelling waves of enemies until the player (or players) died.

Firefight will be changed in the newest update, and it will now be called Warzone Firefight. This could perhaps allude to Warzone maps in Halo 5, meaning that Firefight will take place on those maps rather than recycled campaign maps.

Along with the Warzone Firefight update are Ghosts of Meridian, Memories of Reach and Hog Wild. Each will add new maps, weapons, armor, and more. While not much is known about these updates, a lot of information can be inferred.

For example, Microsoft intends to release a new update each month. Based on how these updates were presented, we should see Ghosts of Meridian in March, Memories of Reach in April, Hog Wild in May and Warzone Firefight in June.

Also, it is safe to assume that Memories of Reach is going to bring in some features from Halo: Reach, and that Hog Wild is going to involve the Warthog vehicle. Aside from that, any new content is a complete mystery at this point.

Again, these new Halo 5 content packs will be completely free for anybody who owns the game.