Is GTA: Tokyo Still Happening?

Reports of a possible GTA: Tokyo happening in the future surfaced years ago as many fans of Rockstar’s blockbuster hit franchise expected GTA to show its take on the epic Fast and Furious hit, Tokyo Drift.

But hopes were crushed and dreams were put to a halt as a report by Techradar published last year claimed that despite genuine intent and tremendous efforts exerted by GTA’s game developers in their quest to make GTA: Tokyo happen, the game was just simply not possible.

According to Techradar, despite the fact that Rockstar went into great lengths to draft a GTA 6: Tokyo framework — even sending a team all the way to Tokyo to observe how feasible it was for the developers to base the game on the Japanese capital — it appears that GTA’s makers saw the road systems in the city as a little ‘problematic’.

Certain restraints that goes with the Japanese capital’s infrastructures seemed to have made creating the game as realistically as possible, impossible.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Rockstar has let go of the GTA : Tokyo completely.

Records show that the company trademarked the name GTA : Tokyo early on, along with several other possible future locations of the game.

Though there is no guarantee that the company’s move to patent GTA : Tokyo would lead to an actual game by the same name, the fact that Rockstar has included it under the company’s trademarked names only makes the possibility of a future Tokyo GTA highly likely.

But Tokyo isn’t the only location that Rockstar seems to be clearly considering.

The company has also reportedly patented GTA: Sin City in the past, which makes a Las Vegas-based location also likely.

Rockstar isn’t expected to release its sixth GTA installment until 2020, but the company is rumored to have already laid out the ground work for its highly anticipated game.

The company is expected to release Red Dead Redemption 2 Fall of this year, and development of its next GTA game is expected to commence just shortly after.