Is Rockstar Trying To Save GTA Online With This New DLC?

Shortly after news broke that the number of GTA Online’s active players has been in a steady decline since late last year, Rockstar decided to do something it was expected to do — announce a new DLC for GTA Online.

The company was expected to either come up with a major DLC fast, or speed up the development of the GTA franchise’s highly anticipated installment — GTA 6.

The new GTA Online DLC, entitled “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony”, is one of the biggest for the game so far.

Expected to release on June 7, “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” promises to bring users a lot of new things — including the ability to climb to the top of the criminal hierarchy, with the help of a few new perks.

What to expect

In the new DLC, GTA Online players will now have the ability to purchase high-rise buildings and special warehouses that they can turn into their headquarters. The headquarters will be where all the masterminding and the planning will take place — which should help users climb their way up to the city’s criminal hierarchy.

“Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” DLC is also expected to bring in several other things to GTA Online — including new features, new gameplay, and new vehicles.

While the DLC brings users the ability to brainstorm and plan out their criminal activities, obstacles are also some of the surprises that await them. Not only will the Los Santos Police Department come after them, other crime lords will be onto them as well.

Putting a halt

Meanwhile, “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” is expected to put a halt to the reported steady decline in the number of GTA Online’s active players, and, ideally, lure more users to play the game.

GTA Online is believed to be Rockstar’s money-making machine as of the moment, with microtransactions in the game amounting to more than $500 million — an amount believed to be enough for the company to decide to take its time in creating the franchise’s expected next installment, GTA 6.