GTA V has been a roaring success for Rockstar, and they’ve been able to consistently add to that success with engaging online multiplayer. Since it’s release there has been a number of DLC packs to keep the online gameplay updated and fresh. This has included new vehicles, clothes and character options, all of which have been introduced as themes – for example the ‘hipster’ package included a fixed gear bike and a number of suspect clothing options.

With so many different variables to help a player personalise their online experience, it left a lot of gamers asking the question ‘where are the lowriders?’ The lowrider cars and theme has been such a key part of previous GTA games, and it was definitely something a lot of players wanted back.

With the recent release of GTA V Lowriders, Rockstar have gone one step further to make sure you can cruise around Los Santos in style. Plus you can bouncing around on your car’s hydraulics will never get boring.

Here are some of the GTA discounts and rewards available throughout this week (November 16-22):

Discount at Benny’s

If you’ve ever wanted to build the perfect Lowrider on GTA, then this week is the time to do it. Each day of the Lowrider week you will get 25% off the sticker price of a different car, and also 25% off of the cost for an upgrade for that vehicle. The daily discounts are as follows:


Hat giveaway

For those of you who like your character to stand out from the crowd of similar looking players, and like clothes with a sense of exclusivity – you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a free hat giveaway each day this week.

All you have to do is log on to GTA online that day, and you will receive one of these one-off hats.


Double $ & RP all week

As if this weeks rewards weren’t enough, you can also earn double the amount of cash and RP by playing through each day’s unique event playlist. By completing each one you’ll find yourself with more money than you know what do with, well it’s pretty obvious what you should with it, spend it all on your Lowrider at Benny’s.

On Saturday keep an eye out for Lamar at the shop, some new contact missions are on offer for another chance to double up on cash and RP. Then on Sunday you’ll get to play four new adversary modes: Relay, Keep the Pace, Offense Defense and Slasher – and yeah you guessed it, double $$ and RP to be earned on all of these modes.

Whether you want to build your dream lowrider, get some exclusive clothes or simply need to double up on money and RP – it’s safe to say GTA: Lowriders is what you should be playing this week. To avoid missing out on the perfect content for you, make sure to log on everyday this week to get the unique rewards and discounts.