GTA 6 Trailer: Rockstar Set to Release Trailer Next Year?

Three years following the launch of Rockstar’s highly successful GTA Online, the company formally announced in October of last year the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2, which — provided everything will proceed as scheduled — should be released sometime during Fall of this year.

But fans of Rockstar’s more popular blockbuster franchise, Grand Theft Auto, are more interested in finding out details about something else: When will GTA 6 happen?

Considering the unprecedented success that the gaming franchise has brought the company throughout the past decade, a sixth installment of the game can only be inevitable.

Rumor has it that based on the timetable that the company followed arguably strictly, the much-anticipated GTA 6 game should be ready for release come 2020.

With that said, many expect a GTA 6 trailer as early as late next year, but fans are advised not to keep their hopes up too soon as Rockstar still seem to be caught up in a web of legal predicaments as previous conflicts of the company with former big boss Leslie Benzies continue to drag on.

The falling out between Benzies and Rockstar has led to an ugly multimillion-dollar lawsuit which, many believe, plays a huge factor in the seemingly unusual longer delay in the expected development and, consequently, release of GTA 6.

The conflict between the company and Benzies is also expected to have a fairly huge impact in the gameplay and possibly overall appearance of Grand Theft Auto 6.

In short, GTA 6 is expected to emerge a deviant from all other past installments of Grand Theft Auto due to the complications brought about by the legal dilemma that Benzies has imposed upon the game developer.

Nevertheless, fans are optimistic that GTA 6 will not fail to deliver, and that its formal announcement is just around the corner.

While Rockstar is yet to confirm official plans for Grand Theft Auto 6, a number of insiders have claimed that the game is already in its early stage of development.