GTA 6 to be Released in 2021?

Rockstar still has its hands full with the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2, and analysts believe fans shouldn’t expect for the company to drop any type of GTA 6 stories anytime soon.

With the company still caught up in a legal web due to a dispute between former big boss Leslie Benzies, it’s unlikely for Rockstar to come up with a new Grand Theft Auto installment anytime soon without being forced to develop a game that’s unlikely to enthrall more lawsuits from Benzies.

With that said, fans might have to muster a little more patience as the waiting for a whole new GTA game appears to near its final stretch.


Despite the fact that GTA 6 isn’t expected to be released anytime soon, rumor has it that the much-awaited game’s trailer may come out as early as late next year.

But with the game being expected to be launched sometime in 2020 instead of the initially believed 2018, GTA 6’s trailer is highly unlikely to come out anytime soon.

Instead, fans can expect for the game’s highly anticipated trailer to be out sometime in about a year or so prior to the upcoming GTA 6 game’s actual release — which should be no later than 2020.

New Weapons, Cars, and Characters

GTA 6 may be a few years away from happening, but fans can definitely count on the fact that the much-awaited game will be featuring new weapons, cars, characters, as well as estates and other properties.

While the waiting might take a long while, fans can rest assured that the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto installment will bear features a lot more exciting than what GTA Online has to offer.

Release Date

Recent GTA 6 news and updates indicate that the highly anticipated game will likely be released just in time for the launch of the equally anticipated gaming consoles — Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Two — and with a full VR support.

Although Rockstar is yet to confirm that it indeed plans to develop GTA 6 sometime in the near future, the word is out that the game might already be in its early development stage.

Analysts point out, however, that GTA Online’s unprecedented success may likely deter the game’s developers from making the development of GTA 6 among the list of their priorities at the moment.

With over $500 million in revenues through GTA Online’s in-game microtransactions alone, many believe that Rockstar may feel no urgency to put something new on the table anytime soon.

The latest GTA 6 news and updates indicate, however, that the game might just be next in line to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 release, and will likely be launched not later than 2020.


Previous GTA 6 news mentioned that a female protagonist will likely be featured in the game — and the voice behind her no less than Hollywood A-lister Eva Mendes herself.

According to reports, alongside this female protagonist will be her male counterpart and Eva Mendes’s real-life beau, Ryan Gosling, will likely be the voice behind him.

The conflict between Rockstar and the company’s former big boss, Leslie Benzies, is also inclined to play a significant role in the changes expected of the blockbuster franchise’s sixth installment.

Benzies’ footprints can be found all throughout the Grand Theft Auto franchise history.

Now that he’s no longer a part of the company, and because the message he was trying to convey was clear enough — it’s no longer certain if the much-awaited sequel from the GTA franchise will be able to follow the same direction as its predecessors did.

Analysts believe that this development can have a significant impact on how GTA 6 will be developed, as it restricts the game developers from letting future GTA installments pursue the same path as the ones before them.

In short, GTA 6 is likely to emerge a deviant, as it is more inclined to be different compared to all the others before it — mainly due to the legal battle between Benzies and Rockstar North.

Meanwhile, Reddit users mvpilot172 and UltraSpecial seemed to have come up with an exciting new twist to GTA’s gameplay years ago: “Could you imagine if you had two characters you can switch between, one is a cop, the other is a criminal[?]”

While the idea defies the traditional GTA gameplay that has, for years, made the game the success that it is — a twist like this might just be what it needs to be the ultimate GTA game that fans have long been hoping for.


Though it appears that the GTA team made tremendous efforts to explore the idea of creating a Tokyo-based GTA franchise — including physically traveling all the way to the Land of the Rising Sun — rumor has it that Rockstar has completely scratched off the idea due to the road system in the Japanese capital which the developers saw as ‘problematic’ for its GTA game.

Analysts have already previously ruled out the possibility of a GTA overseas, and many are speculating that Grand Theft Auto: Sin City might soon be happening.

And while many await any announcement related to the game, another rumor about its supposed location has started circling about.

The location in question? San Fierro — or Las Venturas.

According to rumors, there is considerable chance that the next Grand Theft Auto game might just be GTA: San Fierro or GTA: Las Venturas — as the map in the game’s past title, ‘GTA: San Andreas’, was never completed.

Analysts believe that the so-called “missing piece” in the game’s San Andreas map might be the perfect location for the blockbuster franchise’s next sequel.

Previous titles of the franchise featured locations confined only to the major U.S. cities, but many believe that is about to change.

Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser has already previously stated that the company does not want its Grand Theft Auto franchise to be limited to the American culture, and this seems to be indicative that a GTA overseas is in order.

If rumors actually hold true, another important development in GTA 6 that’ll set the game a little farther apart from its predecessors is the players’ ability to choose a location.

The featured locations may not be as vast as what fans had hoped, but the game might just include a feature that will let players visit locations from GTA’s previous installments.

But even this remains to be seen.