It looks like January is the most productive month for rumors. Everyone is talking about new games we can expect in the year, and speculate on some of the biggest franchises even if they are not planned to release for years to come. One of such rumors is the beginning of GTA 6 development.

Eva Mendes as first GTA 6 female protagonist is everyone’s Christmas wish. This would be a major change in GTA franchise and even though other changes might cause another video game revolution, female protagonists are not so unusual this last few years. Eva’s real life partner, Ryan Gosling is already known to video game industry as one of the most memorable voice actors for Red Dead Redemption, another Rockstar franchise. RDR 2 is currently in the works, so it is not impossible that Ryan will jump from cowboy spurs to 21st century GTA 6 suit and super fast car.

It is also speculated that GTA 6 might be the first game to be released on PlayStation 5 console that is expected around November 2020. By timing it with the new console, it is expected that the graphics and gameplay capabilities will be significantly improved – including a huge map that would include the coast-to-coast US, teleport (in order to deal with possibly huge downtime) and extreme weather conditions like earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons. With such a huge map, another rumor was born – GTA 6 might turn to WoW model, with a subscription fee. GTA Online’s success will surely give more ideas to Rockstar on that matter.

GTA 6 Release Date

Officially, Rockstar Games did not provide any official information on GTA 6. It is safe to assume that they are too busy with RDR2 which should be released in Q4 2016. From previous interviews, it is known that GTA 6 will take at least 3 years of development, so late 2020 is a realistic estimate, with the option to postpone it to 2022.