GTA 6 Gameplay a Deviant?

GTA 6 doesn’t seem to be Rockstar’s priority right now as the company is set to release another of its highly anticipated blockbuster hits, Red Dead Redemption 2, which is supposedly expected to be launched sometime around Fall of this year.

This doesn’t stop Grand Theft Auto gaming enthusiasts, however, from speculating about the countless possible GTA 6 gameplay that mostly emerge from past installments of the highly successful game.

Meanwhile, GTA 6 is strongly believed to be following the same basic gaming principles as its predecessors — with the exemption of the fact that the game is now highly anticipated as having a first-person mode as opposed to its classic third-person mode which the Grand Theft Auto franchise featured in all of its installments since GTA 3.

GTA 6 is also believed to contain a huge surprise.

Among the possible surprises that GTA’s sixth installment is expected to come with is a feature allowing gamers to play as a female protagonist.

The possibility of the game featuring a female lead is now believed to be highly possible following past criticisms of how females are being portrayed in the game.

Some analysts believe no other major changes are to be expected of Grand Theft Auto 6, but others believe that the legal drama between former Rockstar big boss Leslie Benzies and the company itself might cause major changes to future installments of the highly successful game.

It can be recalled that Benzies and Rockstar found themselves in a legal battle over $150 million worth of allegedly unpaid royalties sometime last year, which many believe might be reason enough for the company to make necessary changes in succeeding GTA installments to avoid similar lawsuits in the future.

Rockstar has so far remained mum on all things related to GTA 6, and official confirmation of the game isn’t expected to happen until 2018 or 2019.