GTA 5 News

It’s that time of year again… Valentine’s Day. Your social media timelines will be full of happy couples confessing their love for each other in the most public way they know how to. If you’re anything like myself, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Rockstar have announced their ‘Be My Valentine‘ event for GTA 5, which comes with a new game mode and lots of bonuses. So now would be a good time to put down the heart-shaped box of chocolates and the roses, because GTA online is clearly a better option.

New game mode

Since the release of GTA 5 its developers Rockstar have given us a decent amount of online content, which has been released on a pretty consistent basis. Now for all you romantics they’ve given you a brand new game mode to fall in love with. The ‘Till Death Do Us Part‘ adversary mode, which is basically team deathmatch with a twist. In teams of two, you will go up against other teams in a deathmatch style game, but the twist is that when the other person on your team dies your character then commits suicide. It’s basically Romeo and Juliet meets online gaming with assault rifles, can you feel the romance in the air?

Like all other GTA online events, you’ll get double RP and cash, as well as double rewards if you play in the Till Death Do Us Part playlist. If you play it through to it’s entirety, then you’ll get your very own fireworks launcher and fireworks.

Date night

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without some romantic dates, and GTA is all about the romance (sort of). For those of you who prefer some light hearted fun with your friends, rather than explosions and headshots. By cruising around in a car with a friend or taking part in some arm wrestling, you’ll get double RP, as well as some perfect date night activities like the movies or fair rides will be free. You also can get 50% off SMG ammo throughout the event, because what’s more romantic than a sub-machine gun?!

GTA 5’s ‘Be My Valentine’ online event is running from February 12th-18th.