Rockstar have announced another game mode ‘Inch By Inch’ will be added to their increasingly popular Grand Theft Auto Online, and also a new vehicle in the form of the Vapid Minivan Custom.

GTA Online Inch By Inch Game Mode

The online mode in the fifth game of the infamous Grand Theft Auto has continued to become more and more popular, and the consistent updates and DLC have kept players fully engaged in playing the game well beyond it’s single player story.

The newest game mode to be added to GTA Online ‘Inch By Inch’ is much like the previously added ‘Running Back’, in which players are tasked to make their way across a playing field into the end zone. In this new game mode players will compete for possession of a package, and will ultimately be trying to get the package to the end zone. As the player carrying the package won’t be able to use any weapons, teams will actually have to,well, work as a team. Something that won’t be familiar to many players who’ve adopted a kill or be killed style of play in the online mode.

Grand Theft Auto

In addition to a brand-new game mode you’ll also be able to get your hands on a new vehicle, which Rockstar describe as a “stylish squad transport”. The Vapid Minivan Custom is exclusively available at Benny’s Original Motor Works, although it won’t be the quickest way to get you and your crew around, at least you’ll look good during a drive-by.

The new game mode ‘Inch by Inch’ and the Vapid Minivan Custom will be available on April 12th, and it’s also adversary week (April 8th-14th) where there is double GTA$ and RP up for grabs.

This is only the latest in what is set to be a consistent and long line of new online content from Rockstar so keep your eyes peeled.