Google’s Lightsaber Game made a lot of Star Wars fans super happy

In light of the recent ‘May the fourth be with you’ celebration of Star Wars, fans from all over the world were treated to a pleasant surprise by no less than Google itself — when it unveiled its wondrous lightsaber game.

The Chrome-based game allows users to live that Jedi dream that they’ve long been dreaming of — using their phones as lightsabers.

The game not only lets users wield their phones as lightsabers, it also gives that realistic effect by adding believable sound effects to it.

Google’s Star Wars lightsaber game is free-to-play, and can be synced with a PC for an ultimate Star Wars gaming experience.

This ultimate gaming experience can be achieved by connecting a handheld device wirelessly to a PC. Lightsaber gamers can then use this handheld device as their very own lightsaber.

Users get to ward off enemy troops by using this lightsaber weapon to deflect laser beams consistently being blasted by the enemies in their direction, in a cold-blood attempt to harm them.

Playing Google’s lightsaber game gives users an ultimate gaming experience similar to that of playing Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect — but without the need to shell out hundreds of dollars to purchase a gaming console.

This brilliant Star Wars tribute game from Google uses a technology that’s mostly already built-in and readily available to most smartphones out in the market today.

The technology, called the accelerometer, is the same smartphone component responsible for letting smartphones know which is up and which is down whenever the phone is being rotated or tilted.

In short, it is that little chip that gauges whether users are trying to tilt their devices horizontally or vertically, and adjusts the device’s screen accordingly.

At this point, it’s still unclear whether Google’s lightsaber game will be permanently available for Star Wars fanatic users to play at all times or if its existence is just temporary — and it isn’t clear how long the game will stay online for, either.

For now, Star Wars fans can head on to to get a taste of that Jedi experience.