According to a new report, Google wants to make its own Nexus-branded devices, instead of letting other OEM’s manufacture it for them.

The report comes from The Information, and it states that Google has plans to become the designer and manufacturer of future Nexus devices. It says Google CEO Sundar Pichai saying that he and his team wants Nexus devices to be entirely controlled by Google.

As of now, Google’s Nexus smartphones are a tie-up between the search giant’s Android OS team and other OEM smartphone makers. Ever since the first Nexus smartphone, the manufacturing was done by an OEM. So far, Google has used the hardware expertise of HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Huawei. The latest Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are manufactured by Huawei, and they’re amazing smartphones.

Google, apparently, wants to be like Apple and wants complete control over both software and hardware on Nexus devices. Apple designs the software and hardware for the iPhone and has part manufacturers assemble it in China. Google wants to follow the same approach, and it makes sense.

Nexus smartphones are true Android devices and have no skin or UI on top to slow the device down. There’s also zero bloatware that usually comes with interfaces applied by Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, etc. These devices run stock Android, are open to rooting and are priced pretty well.

But, Nexus phones are usually favorites of the true Android fan, whereas regular smartphone users would look the other way and buy an Android phone from a different manufacturer. The Nexus sales prove this point.

That is another reason Google wants to take control of the hardware aspect of Nexus devices and open it up for newer technologies. Google wants to improve the Nexus hardware and wants to compete directly with the iPhone.

However, Google doesn’t want to anger the OEM’s and lose all and any support. Instead, they would design the hardware and software, but would ask an OEM to manufacture it for them. The OEM, here, would be like a contractor and will not get its name etched on the smartphone. That could work for Google.

The report mentions that Google could use HTC as the company who manufactures the device. HTC isn’t doing very well in smartphone sales and it has been seeing declining sales for quite some time. It would be good for HTC just to focus on selling more devices and make some profit, rather than not make any.

Google’s Nexus program isn’t doing very well and OEM’s don’t enjoy the terms of the partnership. OEM’s lose 15 percent of profits from Nexus device sales, which isn’t good as the profit margin is already small because of the low price of these devices.

A completely Google built product, for example, is the Pixel. The Chromebook is both designed and manufactured by Google, which shows that the search giant can indeed build a great product. We for once, would love to see a Google made Nexus smartphone. What about you?