Google has revealed that it’s collaborating with the famous artist Jeff Koons for creating new live cases exclusively for Nexus phones.

The new cases have already gone on sale on May 10, and will be available until June end, based on availability.

The concept of live phone cases is interesting as it means you can customize the cases to suit your taste. It was only last month that Google introduced live phone cases for its Nexus handset lineup.

All you have to do is head on over to Google’s official website, select a picture or a location on a map, and use that design as the case.

The end result is customized-for-you completely unique phone cases that no one else but you will own.

Interesting, isn’t it? However if you think you don’t have it in you to design great phone cases, Google has also collaborated with renowned artist Jeff Koons to introduce new limited edition Live Cases, where users will have three design options to choose from, and all will be compatible with the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

Jeff Koons and His Artistic Live Phone Cases

Koons Live Nexus Phone Cases

Jeff Koons has created Google’s Nexus Live Cases with three sculpture designs: “Bust,” “Mailbox” and “Diana.”

We may not all know or even understand Jeff Koons’ artistry, but there is no doubt that these Live Phone Cases are astoundingly beautiful, unlike anything else, and will make the user proud.

Google has a lot of good things to say about Jeff Koons and his artistic excellence.

Google cites him as one of the world’s greatest living artists. He is known for his sculptures and other works of art that is a reinterpretation of various elements and people from pop culture and everyday life.

A giant balloon dog sculpture by Koons (image below) made of stainless steel, was sold for $58.4 million. That speaks volumes about his popularity as an artist.

Balloon Dog Sculpture
This Balloon Dog Sculpture made of Stainless Steel was Sold for $58.4 Million

Google says: “From balloon animals to classic figures, Koons’ art often challenges the perception of scale, weight and even the laws of physics.

Live-Action Video artwork as Wallpaper

Nexus Phones
Nexus Cases with Jeff Koons Wallpaper

Just like Google’s other Live Cases, the Jeff Koons Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P Cases will also have live wallpapers.

The live wallpaper will be a special live-action video artwork from Koons’ “Gazing Ball Ballet.” You just have to double-tap the screen on your Nexus phone for the dancers in the sculptures to start performing the classic “Swan Lake” LIVE.

Your wallpaper is updated every single day with a new vignette.

Original Art From A Great Artist On Your Nexus Phone

Jeff Koons Live Case users will also have the privilege of having original artwork sent to their phone via the Live Case Editions app.

This includes a variety of artwork collections that inspires Koons, including digital art and his favourite art shows.

Use the shortcut button at the back of the case to open this amazing artwork collection, to find museums near you or even to open your favourite apps.

Each one of the Live Phone Cases is numbered and available to order only in the US for a limited time for Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P users.

If art interests you, you might want to take a look at Koons’ first ever social media art piece, the Gazing Ball. In the “Gazing Ball Tour,” he invites people he admired to photograph their own poses with his gazing Ball, and the result is really lovely.

Here’s the link:

The cases will be priced at $40 each and Google notes that this will be available through the end of June while supplies last.

So if you own a Nexus handset, time to get your hands on one of these unique phone cases or should we say pieces of art right away from the Google Store.