The search giants homegrown fitness app, “Google Fit“, was recently updated with new features. The latest Google Fit update now does real-time exercise tracking, strength training and keeps a tab on your sleep cycle and nutrition intake.

Google Fit App on iPhone, Smartwatch or..

Google Fit on your Android smartphone or smartwatch can now show real-time stats for your runs, walks etc. It’ll display metrics such as speed, elevation, route and keep you updated at all times.

With an Android smartwatch, you can start doing challenges that’ll make you stronger. For example, you can do push-ups or squats and your watch will show you how many you’ve done and motivate you to do more. All these details will be added to your daily activity.

The new update also lets you monitor your sleep cycle and nutrition intake, allowing you to keep a tab on yourself and stay healthy. Several third party apps can be used with Google Fit to provide deeper insights regarding your health.

The app will show you how much carb, fat and protein you’re consuming so you can keep things under control, with the help of other apps. You could use an app such as MyFitnessPal, which shows you how many calories you’re consuming. You can track your sleep using other apps and wearables as well, everything will be shown in detail on Google Fit.

The key to improving your health and fitness is something/someone that tells you to keep cheering you on. The Google Fit app will motivate you to improve your health by showing your overall results. This way, you’ll know where you’re lacking and where you need to go easy.

Google Fit, Fitbit, Samsung Gear Fit and Apple Health

Google now has a proper fitness app that can compete against offerings from Apple, Samsung and others. With a range of Android smartphones and smartwatches to choose from, you cannot go wrong.

The latest Google Fit update is currently available for download from the Play Store. If you haven’t received the update in your region yet, do not worry, it will be available soon. Have you been keeping yourself healthy and fit using the Google Fit app?