Lost access to the web? No worries if you have an Android phone and you have downloaded the new feature “instant tethering” , the new feature from Google that is designed to ensure that all their devices stay connected (to internet) always. But, for now, you must have either a Nexus or Pixel hardware to enjoy this feature. If creating a mobile hotspot has been a challenge, instant tethering makes the task simple through automatic detection when internet connection to any of your devices is lost. When such an event happens, you receive a prompt from another device with internet connection where you have logged in your Google account. Usually, one of your devices must be enabled for tethering before you can use another to connect it through a password.

Bluetooth for instant tethering

Instant tethering detects alternative connection using Bluetooth and the feature is rolled out as a part of the Google Play service 10.2. However, Android Police says that presently the feature is available only to Nexus and Pixel branded devices with Android Nougat 7.1.1 before other android phones. For now, Pixel C and Nexus 9 are supported as clients which mean that while connecting to a compatible phone is possible, the reverse is not true. Users with an updated Nexus or Pixel handset can check for the instant tethering feature by accessing Google menu in the settings.

Google working on more features to enhance offline user experience

Instant tethering is only one of the many features that Google has been engaged in enhancing the offline experience of users in recent times. Recently it also announced another handy update to the search app which helps you save search queries when you lose signals and automatically delivers the search results when a connection is detected again. The updated version of Google Play has a feature to ensure that all your devices stay connected always.