Google has had it’s self driving cars on the road now for some time. They’ve been spotted in Mountain View, California and now in Austin, Texas. We’re not talking about the modified Lexus SUVs that Google has been using to test their autonomous technology on. No, these are the cute-as-a-button cars that Google plans to launch sometime in 2017. As part of an effort to bring attention to local artist’s pieces, Google released a campaign in the two cities where their self driving car is being tested. They asked for local artists to submit artwork they could put on the doors of the car. The campaign, which is called “Paint the Town”, has finished in the Mountain View area. Google is now showing off the artwork they chose for Mountain View on the project website.

Gallery: The Google “Self Driving Car” Paint the Town finalists, Mountain View, California.

Artists are asked to submit artwork which reflects the theme, “my community, my neighbors”, and is judging the entries internally. Selected entries from the Mountain View contest feature brightly colored images of various community collections, natural vistas, and a large, eccentric group of people. Ten entries were selected as winners, along side two honorable mentions. All in all, they make these already completely adorable cars much brighter, and a little bit more cute. Not only does their artwork appear on the car, winners also get a $500 gift card and a ride in one of the cars featuring their work. Fans in Austin, Texas take heart: the contest is still open for entries in your city. You can browse over to the Google Self Driving Car project site to submit your entries.