Gmail on Android

The latest Gmail 6.0 update for Android brings some useful new features such as the ability to format text and instantly respond to an invitation.

In a blog post on the official Gmail blog, Google detailed the two new features available in the latest Gmail Android app update.

The first, rich text formatting. We’re not sure why Google hadn’t included this since the beginning, but you can now format text in your email.

When writing an email on your phone, you can bold, italicize, underline, highlight and color the text. The formatting toolbar will appear on top of the keyboard, allowing you to make your email look better.

The second new feature is, instant RSVPs. Now, when you get a calendar invitation, you won’t have to open your calendar to check if you can make it to the event. Instead, you can just tap on the invite and check your schedule right there.

gmail on android

You can also RSVP right from within the email. This supports both Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange.

The new Gmail 6.0 Android app update is currently available on the Play Store. You should’ve already received the notification to update the app on your Android device.