Ghostbot will make going through a break up so much easier for you.

Breaking up is never easy. Having to say ‘no’ to someone you once gave your ‘yes’ to isn’t likely something that can be done without having a hint of emotion involved — unless you’re a robot.

Which is why Ghostbot seems to be a promising app when it comes to that difficulty of dealing with breakups.

Want to break up with someone but don’t have the guts to let them know yourself?

Don’t have the heart to hurt his or her feelings?

Ghostbot can help you in ways you’d never have imagined possible.

This app is programmed in such a way that you will no longer have to deal with that awkward and hurtful stage where you’ll have to let your once special someone know that you no longer want to be with them — without actually having to say it to his or her face.

That is because Ghostbot can automatically detect text messages being sent to you by that someone that you’ve been hoping to part with — and it will, in turn, send an ‘unenthusiastic’ reply that’s meant to discourage the recipient from pursuing you any further.

This ‘ghosting’ app is also programmed to turn down any form of invitation from your unwanted sender, and is designed to answer messages in such a way that its intended recipient is inclined to lose interest in pursuing you any further.

Ghostbot can also intelligently respond to unwarranted advances by the unwanted sender, and is known to send replies that range from poop to thumbs down emojis in response to lewd messages — which, amazingly, the app is also programmed to detect.

Ghostbot is currently available for download on App World for iPhones.

Its makers do not recommend the app to users who plan to end long-term relationships, however.