General Hospital Spoilers: Duke to Resurface This Week?

The latest General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Olivia Jerome’s devious plans are nearing their final phase, as the PCPD appear to be closing in on her in the upcoming episodes of GH for the week.

Her brother, Julian, will first have to go through a lot of suffering, however.

Recent General Hospital spoilers suggest that Alexis will be successful in notifying the authorities about Olivia’s evil schemes, but it appears that Jordan Ashford won’t really hear what she’s going to be told.

The PCPD will be on to Olivia after the receiving the information that Alexis volunteered — but Julian will be considered a suspect along with his sister, as Jordan assumes he is working as an accomplice in Olivia’s crimes.

General Hospital spoilers have also revealed that a huge part of Olivia’s grand scheme is about to be unraveled — most of it seems to have something to do with the late (?) Duke Lavery.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Olivia’s menacing intent to acquire General Hospital is mainly due to what lies in the basement of the establishment.

It appears that GH’s basement plays a vital role in Olivia’s evil plans — which now seems to have something to do with Duke Lavery’s body.

There’s a considerable chance that fans may see Duke once more in the show, as Olivia’s ulterior motive is revealed towards the end of the week.

If recent General Hospital spoilers actually hold true, it appears as though Duke will once again be seen in GH — although whether or not he’ll reappear as a corpse or as his living self still remains to be seen.

What is clear, however, is that the main reason why Olivia is so attracted to General Hospital seems to have something to do with the hospital’s cryogenic freezer.

But how will Duke Lavery’s return actually play out?

Will Julian be able to stop his sister’s evil plans?