General Hospital Spoilers: Are Carly and Sonny Over for Good?

After dragging on and on for many weeks, it looks like Carly and Sonny’s Nelle issue will finally be put to death — but not without serious consequences that many have expected, the latest General Hospital spoilers have revealed.

Carly will feel deeply hurt and betrayed after finding out about that dark secret that Sonny has so desperately tried to keep from her.

But will Carly be able to find it in her to forgive Sonny if she found out that he and Nelle didn’t actually sleep together, that it was all just a part of Nelle’s scheme?

Recent General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Carly will be so deeply wounded by the betrayal that even after finding out that Sonny didn’t actually sleep with Nelle, nothing will be changing.

General Hospital spoilers say Carly will still leave Sonny, and forgiveness seems to be beyond her for the moment.

The thought that Sonny and Nelle conspired against her seems to be what is truly hurtful to Carly, and while she changed her mind about leaving Sonny in the past, this time, she might not be doing the same at all.

But what then, will happen to Nelle?

Meanwhile, Dr. Finn doesn’t look like he’s ready for the changes that ought to happen in his life.

According to recent General Hospital spoilers, Finn will make a mysterious call where he’ll be heard looking for an “immediate opening”.

Is he trying to look for a job somewhere else, or was he simply trying to seek help at a rehab facility?

The women in Dr. Finn’s life has just confronted him about his Zekenestrol addiction, and it looks like he can run two ways — to another place, where no one will bother him, or to a facility where people can help him.

Either way, Dr. Finn can not stay foot and do nothing.