Google has released a new keyboard for iOS, called the Gboard, which lets you Google search for queries, GIFs, emojis, and more, right from the keyboard.

Gboard; Google Keyboard

Android users are jealous that Google released this pretty useful new keyboard on iOS first. The inbuilt Google search option makes it super easy to look up addresses, information, emojis, GIFs, videos, photos, and more. But, that’s not all.

The Gboard keyboard for iOS has other useful features as well, such as word prediction a swipe mode that allows you to type a word by swiping over letters. The keyboard is similar in appearance to the Google Keyboard available on Android, but with one major difference.

On the left top side of the keyboard, you’ll see a G button that lets you do a lot of productive stuff. Tap on the G button and it’ll open up Google Search within the keyboard. Now you can search for queries and if you want to share something, you can simply tap share on the result. A very useful feature, don’t you think?

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Google’s aim over here is to help users to look for information faster. Usually, you’d have to open up Google search on your browser to search for an address or phone number on the web. Now, with the Search built within the keyboard, you no longer have to switch apps. It truly saves a lot of time.

The search function works in every iOS app that uses the Gboard keyboard. This keyboard is way better than the stock iOS keyboard or whatever other third-party keyboard you’re currently using. It’s fast, the word prediction is great, the swipe to type is smooth, and you have the whole of Google right in the keyboard.

As of now, the Gboard is only available for iOS and can be downloaded from the App Store. We believe that the Search feature within the keyboard will also be available on the Google Keyboard for Android. However, the search isn’t really necessary on Android, as you can use Google Now or Now on Tap from anywhere within the Android OS.

Download Gboard for iOS from the App Store