The Garmin fēnix® Chronos

…or Garmin Chronos as it is fondly called by many, is as close fitness trackers can get to perfection.

A lot of fitness trackers out in the market today look exactly like how they’re supposed to — like all other normal, ‘trendy’ fitness trackers created before them.

Rubber wristbands, OLED-equipped rectangular-shaped (and in other times, square-shaped) watch faces, and hassle-free metal prongs attached on the rubber wristbands to secure the fitness tracker in place — these are just some of the most common features and designs found in every typical fitness tracker out in the world today.

Problem is, not every user likes every fitness tracker. And that’s where the Garmin Chronos comes in.

Garmin fēnix® Chronos, or Garmin Chronos, is the most luxurious model that Garmin has decided to come up with so far.

For a long time, the company’s Fēnix 3 model was the only one sitting at the top of Garmin’s quality fitness tracker line — but it is, a matter of fact, about time that this industry leader takes the extra step and makes the leap for that stylish, high-end fitness tracker line that only the likes of Tag Heuer, Mondaine, and a few others, have dominated so far.

But does the Chronos have what it takes? You be the judge.


From the words of Garmin itself, this premium timepiece is equipped with hard metal casing and a high-strength sapphire lens that’s guaranteed to be scratch-resistant. Crafted and designed with jeweler-grade materials, the Chronos is equipped with GLONASS antenna (located on the device’s bezel) and omni-directional EXO™ GPS.

Available in variants of titanium with brushed titanium hybrid band, steel with brushed stainless steel band, and steel with vintage leather band, the Chronos is perfect for those who wish to find luxury and style hand in hand.

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Not only is the Chronos designed luxuriously, this timepiece is luxuriously packed with features as well.

Garmin’s high-end timepiece is high-end in every sense of the word.

Equipped with an always-on, 1.2-inch color Garmin Chroma Display™ that guarantees readability even under the scorching heat of the sun, the Chronos has everything there is that smart timepieces have to offer.

With GLONASS and GPS satellite reception, this Garmin masterpiece has all the outdoor sensors that one could ever need, including a barometric altimeter that’s equipped with a 3-axis compass.

With this smart timepiece, a little dip into some water won’t even matter, as this durable watch is water-rated to up to 100 meters.


As expected, the Garmin Chronos is equipped with a feature that allows its users to receive real-time notifications for text messages, emails, alerts, and more, right on their wrists.

Fitness Tracking

Being a leader in the fitness tracking industry, Garmin guarantees that the Chronos is not just another pretty face in the high-end fitness tracking market — it is a ticking proof that beauty and brains can exist side by side, even in smartwatches.

The Chronos is equipped with a VO2 max estimator that’s designed to process important datas such as heart rate variability and beats per minute, as well as running speed which it factors in in order to estimate the maximum volume of oxygen that your body can consume within a full minute’s time.

It also has a unique recovery advisor that works hand in hand with a recovery timer, a recovery check, and a race predictor that predicts your probable finish time based on calculations involving the VO2 max number it has of you on record.

The Chronos allows you to track your fitness gains, too.

Need a more thorough data on your current running statistics? The Chronos has everything that you will ever need. Aside from the already advanced features aforementioned, this timepiece is also equipped with advanced running dynamics and extended physiological metrics.

With a little help from a chest heart rate monitor, the Chronos can provide you with advanced and extended data such as vertical oscillation and ratio, ground contact and balance, cadence, and stride length. It can also provide you with other important datas such as stress score, performance condition, and Lactate threshold.

Battery life

With all the unbelievably advanced features of the Garmin Chronos, one could not help but wonder how such a timepiece could survive long hours while running on battery.

But you might be surprised to know that the Chronos can run for as long as one whole week on smartwatch mode, 25 hours in its UltraTrac™ mode, and 13 hours when it’s on GPS mode.

Overall, the Chronos is superior not only in design and quality, but also in its features and in its fitness tracking capability. With prices starting at $899.99, the Chronos is definitely a luxury you can afford.

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