A new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus drop test has been uploaded to YouTube and the results will shock you.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was recently unveiled by Samsung at MWC 2016. It is now available for purchase and some lucky customers have already started receiving theirs. One customer decided it was best to perform a drop test with his brand new Galaxy S7 Edge.

It’s the usual drop test, where the smartphone is dropped from pocket height, face height, then from extreme heights of 10 feet and then 20 feet. The results are quite shocking at the end, but both the devices survive the first few drops very well.

However, the victory goes to the iPhone 6s Plus, thanks to its 7000 series all aluminum body. The S7 Edge on the other hand, well, why don’t you see for yourself.

[youtube id=”GU8S_BjByKU” align=”center” maxwidth=”849″] The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is made from a mixture of glass and metal with curved edges. Although the display was pretty much intact, the back of the device is made from glass. As you see in the drop test, the back cover of the S7 Edge isn’t very strong.

Therefore, in this Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus drop test challenge, the winner is the latter.

If you’re planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, make sure you purchase a good case. You can also check out our list of Galaxy S7 Edge cases.