Google Apps Renamed as G Suite

As it turns out, Google Apps has decided to make a change, that change being, its name. Now simply called “G Suite”, it’s also just managed to implement a few more sweet features. While there are no similarities between each feature, there does seem to be one shared goal: helping you get results with much more efficiency. Let’s take a look at what these new features bring to the table:

G Suite Features

  1. ACTION ITEMS – Keeping track of who’s responsible for what in the workplace can be an insurmountable task at times. Luckily, this new feature lifts that heavy burden and allows you to “action” certain tasks and send it to the right people. Example: You can now type in “Greg to schedule a meeting tomorrow at 10.30” and your phone will automatically send that to Greg.
  2. BADGES – A pretty useful method of keeping track of actioned items. You can just place a badge next to your actioned item, so you’ll be able to see them clearly.
  3. FORMS – The newest version of this feature suggests a range of responses to any queries or questions you have.
  4. VOICE COMMANDS – A significant step up from previous iterations of this feature. Now you can use voice commands to delete words or perhaps you fancy different color text or wish to format your document in any number of ways? The new voice command feature can quickly take care of things for you.
  5. SLACK – No, this does not give you permission to slack, obviously! But this feature does allow you to access and get files from Google Drive so that you can share them with any person in your conversation, which makes things so much more convenient.

It looks like Google certainly made the right choices by creating G Suite. For more information, you can visit the link below.

VIA: Google Blog