These days there’s an app for pretty much anything; seriously, it’s probably more difficult to think of something that doesn’t already have an app. Streaming movies and TV shows has become so popular that it’s made apps like Netflix have become future of how we will view content.

The big name streaming apps require a monthly subscription, and ways of getting this type of content online for free are few and far between.


So here are some of the best free movie and TV streaming apps for your iPhone or iPad:


Daily Motion

Daily Motion is a great app to access millions of movies, trailers, TV shows, music videos and short films. With a wide range of different categories it pretty much has something for everyone. It also lets you share videos with your friends through Twitter, Facebook or directly by email – so keeping everyone in the loop about the best online videos has never been easier.




If you search for free movie and TV streaming apps, ShowBox is one with a better rating than most. The app gives you access to a variety of new and old movies and TV shows, over a wide-range of genres. Every movie has a viewable trailer and rating, which will save you some time by filtering out films you will hate. As well as the streaming link, you’re also given the download link so you can watch the film anytime, without the need to buffer.




Joost is a free app for iPhones that gives you access to a huge range of films, TV shows, sport, documentaries and cartoons. Browsing through the variety of videos is made easier by category selection, where you can find your preferred genre or check out what has been most popular. The main categories on Joost are Film, Music and Shows, and then you have a variety of genres to help you pick out videos to suit your interests.




You can find a video of pretty much anything on YouTube, and it was only going to be a matter of time before people started uploading movies and TV shows. The YouTube app is free to download and the chances are if you are looking for a specific video, it’s on there. For content that has an age requirement you will need to set up an account to access it.



BBC iPlayer

Whether you’re able to use this app depends on what country you live in, but if you are able to use it then it’s definitely one of the best free apps out there. The BBC iPlayer has a variety of different TV shows like documentaries, comedy, reality tv and also cult classics like Doctor Who. The app is also available to download onto consoles if you to want watch any of the content on a bigger screen.




“No matter where or how you like to watch, Crackle offers free entertainment on your favourite devices: Roku, Android, Xbox, Apple TV, PS3, iPhone and more.” Crackle states on their website. A user-friendly, good-looking interface allows you to browse through their wide range of movies and TV shows. By signing up to a membership you can have the option of personalising your experience to add parental controls, notifications of new shows and a ‘watch later’ feature.




This free streaming app can be installed on a range of different devices, and with a user-friendly interface it makes finding and watching films very easy. You can browse through a variety of different genres easily, and you can even sort your categories like you would on a desktop – there’s also the option to change the language if English isn’t your native tongue.



Free Trials

Although it’s not a permanent way of streaming movies and TV for free, making the most of free trials is definitely worthwhile. When you consider the quality and quantity of content on apps like Netflix, a whole month for free is a bargain. If you invest enough time and put the hours into a few Netflix marathons, you should easily be able to watch plenty of movies and even some TV from shows from start to finish.


Everybody loves getting something for free, and pretty much everyone likes movies, so it’s no wonder there are so many apps to combine the two. By trying out a few of the above mentioned apps and others you find, it shouldn’t take you long to find the one that has the content you like.