Fitbit Flex 2: Know more about the new kid on the block

Fitbit has just recently announced the latest in its highly popular fitness tracker line, and Fitbit fans from all over the globe are getting excited.

The latest devices to join the superior Fitbit line: the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Fitbit Flex 2.

Now we all know what is expected of the Charge 2. Exciting, unparalleled features, and a string of improvements from the original Charge model — are just some of what’s expected of the Charge 2.

But what of the Flex 2?

Flex is the most basic, and not to mention the cheapest among Fitbit’s fitness tracking line, and for the company to release another version of it must mean that they likely have something up their sleeves.

And they do.

Though it’s not really as compelling as we’d hope it to be.


Just like its predecessor, the Fitbit Flex 2 was designed to be as customizable as its users would want it to be.

The Flex 2 is about 30 percent slimmer than the original Flex, and it has the distinction of having the slimmest Fitbit wristband so far.

Users can swap bands anytime they wish to, as the tracker itself can be detached from the band without any problem.

Flex 2 users can also opt to place the sensor on a necklace, a bangle, or a pendant, instead of the typical bracelet — thanks to the numerous accessories made just for it.


But what exactly is it that sets the Fitbit Flex 2 apart from all the others like it?

The Flex 2 is the company’s first swim tracker, allowing its users to track laps, duration, distance, and calories burned.

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This feature allows its users the luxury of doing any activity without having to worry about removing or keeping their fitness trackers on their wrists.

The Flex 2 is also equipped with the standard sleep tracking feature, which keeps track of its user’s sleep duration, quality, and goal, along with a bedtime reminder and a silent alarm feature to wake the users up at the time deemed best for them to wake up.

Its SmartTrack feature allows users to track their daily fitness activities like sports, running, and aerobic workouts — and the summaries of these activities they can actually look up using the Fitbit app.

That’s not all that there is to it, however.

Flex 2 users can also track all other daily activities they have, such as active minutes, calories burned, distance, hourly activities, and stationary time.

Users also get that occasional friendly reminders to start moving whenever the tracker feels like they haven’t been moving as much, as everyone is encouraged to take at least 250 steps in each hour.


For the price of a device like it, one wouldn’t really expect this Fitbit to have a notifications feature.

But the thing is, it does.

The Flex 2 alerts users of incoming calls and texts through discreet vibrations and color-coded lights on its LED display.

Battery life

The Fitbit Flex 2 is equipped with battery than can last for five days max without the need for that occasional charging.

The Charge 2 and the Flex 2 are expected to hit shelves by September and October. Fitbit says it plans to phase out the devices’ older models, the Charge and the Flex, soon after the new models are released.

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