Fitbit Charge HR Pink: Because there has to be a pink version of everything

Do you know what’s better than the extremely popular Fitbit Charge HR? A pink Fitbit Charge HR.

It’s no doubt that Fitbit’s Charge HR is one of the top fitness trackers that there is out there today. What with its impressive features and stylish look, it’s easily a favorite to users who like to have the best of both worlds — just as it is in the case of the Fitbit Alta.

But unlike the Alta, the Charge HR boasts of a lot more features that can come in handy for the health-conscious, as well as those who are tech-conscious.


Just like its regular version, the Fitbit Charge HR Pink is packed with the same powerhouse features — the only difference being the wearable itself is colored pink.

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Here are some of the most important features of the Fitbit Charge HR Pink:

Workouts + All-Day Activity

The Charge HR has the ability to track its user’s active minutes, calories burned, distance, floors climbed, heart rate, and steps.


This feature enables the Charge HR to automatically track and record selected activities of its user. Gone is the need for users to change modes or press buttons on their fitness trackers just so it could keep track of their activities.

Exercise Tracking

This wearable also gives its users the ability to track their run stats in real-time, as well as check their splits, routes and workout summaries via the Fitbit app.

Auto Sleep Tracking and Silent Alarms

The Charge HR comes with a feature that automatically tracks its user’s sleep. It also allows its user to set a silent alarm, which comes in handy as it eliminates the need for alarm clocks as well as the need to use smartphones as alarm devices in lieu of the conventional clocks.

Long Battery Life

Considering the features that come with the Fitbit Charge HR Pink, the device is undoubtedly comparable to that of some of the smartwatches out on the market today. While many of these smartwatches are powered with batteries that could only last a few hours or entire day tops — the Charge HR comes with a battery that can last for up to five days.

PurePulse Heart Rate

The Fitbit Charge HR Pink also comes with the PurePulse Heart Rate feature which simplifies heart rate zones, and automatically and continuously tracks wrist-based heart rate. This feature is what many other fitness trackers lack, though it is deemed one of the most important features of a fitness tracking device —- simply because the ability to monitor the heart rate in real-time without the need for devices other than the fitness tracker itself can be life saving.

Caller ID + Watch

One function of the Fitbit Charge HR Pink that makes it so close to being a smartwatch is that it comes with a caller ID feature which informs users of any incoming calls on their smartphones. This saves users the trouble of having to check their smartphones every once in a while for fear of missing an important call.

Buy Fitbit Charge HR Pink on Amazon

This wearable also doubles as a watch. While other fitness trackers have no other use than the obvious, the Charge HR is trying its best to be the only device that users would need on their wrists.

Wireless Syncing

Perhaps the most important feature of the Fitbit Charge HR Pink — as with all the other Charge HR variants — is its ability to wirelessly sync to any handheld device or computer. This feature completely eliminates the need for users to constantly bring their wearables’ connector just so they could sync them with their mobile devices or PCs — making the Charge HR an almost completely independent fitness tracking device.