Fitbit Alta vs. Fitbit Blaze: You know you want one

There are probably times when you sit and wonder what those colorful rubber wristbands are. You know, those that a lot of people seem to wear on their wrists nowadays. What do they do? Why are they so common?

The fact that Fitbits are even popular these days is actually a good sign. It just goes to show that there is still a significant number of people in the world’s population that care enough to actually worry about their health status once in a while — and actually take the time to check how they are doing.

And that’s exactly what the Fitbit does. It checks on how you are doing healthwise. Are you getting enough exercise? Did you get enough sleep? You no longer even have to sit and wonder. Your Fitbit will do all the thinking for you.

Having said that, let’s fast forward to the time when you finally decide to love yourself enough to get the Fitbit you can actually afford. Do you go with the Fitbit Alta? Or Do you go with the Fitbit Blaze?

By the end of this Fitbit Alta vs. Fitbit Blaze article, you will have already decided for yourself.


Fitbit Alta — Is it good enough for me?

Fitbit Alta
Fitbit Alta

Due to be released March of this year is one of the latest on the Fitbit line — the Fitbit Alta.

All in all, one can say that the Fitbit Alta can be considered as an upgrade of an earlier model called Fitbit Flex. Just like its predecessor, the Fitbit Alta sports a slender design and is basically made out of the gadget’s usual material — rubber wristbands. The difference becomes more obvious on the actual face of the bands. The older Fitbit Flex only comes with five LED lights as indicators. It does not have an actual screen. The Fitbit Alta, on the other hand, has an actual screen that can tell you the time and how exactly you are doing so far.

And the sweetest part? You can get notifications from your phone right on your wrist. The Fitbit Alta will tell you if you have a phone call, a text message, or a calendar alert — all for a very low price of $129.99!


Fitbit Blaze — Why This Could Be The One For You

Fitbit Blaze
Fitbit Blaze

If you think the Fitbit Alta boasts of amazing features, but simply look to girly for you — fret not. There’s always a Fitbit for everyone.

If you want your Fitbit stylish AND with a masculine touch to it, they have just the thing for you.

Introducing the Fitbit Blaze. This model has all the necessary features every other Fitbit has going on, plus the look of an actual smartwatch. Although the Fitbit Blaze isn’t actually a smartwatch, it has almost everything that makes a smartwatch a smartwatch. It can monitor the steps you climbed through its built-in altimeter, it can monitor your heart through its built-in heart-rate monitor, it can notify you of your calls, texts, calendar events, and flash caller ID on its screen through its smartphone notifications feature. It also comes with music control, and the ability to sync GPS data from your smartphone. And it’s all yours for only $199.95!

By now, you may have already decided on which fitness tracker is better suited to your needs; Fitbit Alta or Fitbit Blaze. You can pre-order on Amazon Now!

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