This is your perfect excuse to get a Fitbit Alta

Who says style and functionality can’t go hand in hand?

The Fitbit Alta is clearly an exemption to this old-fashioned rule.

It’s stylish on the exterior and superb in the interior — boasting of steadfast functionality as a result of Fitbit’s cutting edge technology.

Other fitness trackers may just be as stylish, or may even be slightly more fashionable than the Alta, but they lack something that makes this fitness tracker from Fitbit a clear leader — reliable hardware technology.

The Misfit Ray is the fitness tracker pegged to be the closest rival of the Alta, but users who are serious about their wearable’s functionality are inclined to appreciate the latter better.

The Misfit Ray may be more fashionable than the Fitbit Alta, but users who hope to get the best of both worlds won’t find themselves disappointed with the Alta.

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Function-wise, the Alta is equipped with every basic thing that a fitness tracker needs — a 1.4 inch, 128-by-36-pixel OLED screen, a quick release band, the ability to track steps, calories burned, distance traveled, as well as its user’s active time — all in a three-axis accelerometer.


Like all other fitness trackers, the Fitbit Alta is far from perfect, but it’s the best among the rest. Its five-day battery lifespan and overly sensitive sensors are just some of its flaws — flaws that are undoubtedly outshined by its far superior features.


The feature that perhaps gives the Fitbit Alta an edge over all others in its category is its OLED display. This feature allows its users to monitor their progress in real time, without having to check their phones or they computers and handhelds ever so often. While some of its competitors may be at par with this device when it comes to specifications and functionality, their lack of display requires extra effort for the users to monitor their progress.

Buy Fitbit Alta on Amazon