Audi has sold a variation of very beautiful, versatile cars over the decades. One thing about Audi is that they have such a wide range of cars, from sporty to business and more.

Audi R8 Final Fantasy

Now, enough about them, let’s talk about Final Fantasy. These games have gone on for over two decades and they’re just getting better and better. Each game takes place in its own separate universe, so you’ll play with a new character and embark on a different adventure. Remember, Final Fantasy XV is not a sequel to anything. The “XV” (15) means it’s the fifteenth universe. However, there are sequels to some Final Fantasy games like “Final Fantasy XIII-2”, which continues the plotlines and character building of the original “Final Fantasy XIII”. Originally, Final Fantasy XV was supposed to be called “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” and be set in that in that universe and it was supposed to be released around the same time as Final Fantasy XIII. However, it faced numerous amounts of delays and a then at one point, years went by where nobody even acknowledged its existence. Then, last year, the game was revealed, but this time it carried the title “Final Fantasy XV”, since Final Fantasy XIV was released in 2014. The game is due for release in a week and I, myself are extremely excited about this game.

Apparently, Audi are too as they are releasing a Final Fantasy-themed Audi R8.


How Much Does It Cost?

The Final Fantasy-themed Audi R8 will cost $470 000. The only way to purchase this car is if you head over to the Audi Japan website. I can only imagine how many Final Fantasy enthusiasts must be itching to get their hands on one of these cars.

Audi R8 Final Fantasy Image 1

If you can afford it, though, go ahead and sign up for it. You may just get lucky. As for Audi, this will undoubtedly be a successful venture for them. They’ve proven time and time again, they are the true pioneers of automobiles. Well done, Audi.