Fallout 4 New DLC

Bethesda have just released a new trailer for their upcoming Fallout 4 DLC ‘Far Harbor’, which is set to be the biggest expansion ever seen in a Bethesda game. They have also announced it’s release date, and players will be happy hear that it’s coming sooner than they first thought.

Fallout 4 has been out since November, which for many games is long enough to lose the attention of it’s fans. This is why Bethesda have had a flow of new content being released to keep Fallout engaging through small additions to the current gameplay, and also larger expansions to add to what already is a massive map. Hot on the heels of the recently released ‘Automatron’ DLC – adding a robot uprising concept to the game, ‘Far Harbor’ may well be the season pass’s best addition. Bethesda have now released more information about what the DLC will include, as well as it’s release date.


Far Harbor Trailer


The trailer shows a wide-range of things you can expect to see in the new expansion, such as new enemies, weapons, armor, settlements and of course a bunch of new quests. The ‘Far Harbor’ expansion will take players to a location off the coast of Maine, and it’s key narrative is a new case from the Valentine Detective Agency. This area has seen a lot more radiation damage than the majority of the locations in the main game, so expect to encounter plenty of feral enemies.

You will also encounter three new factions: The Children of Atom (some of which can be found roaming in Boston), the locals of Far Harbor and a new group of Synths. It’s not clear in the trailer, but there will likely be a decision-making process for you to choose which faction to affiliate with.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Release Date

Far Harbor is the last piece of content to be included in the season pass, but Bethesda have stated that there will be additional free and paid content coming throughout the rest of 2016.

Fallout 4 is out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The ‘Far Harbor’ DLC is set for release on May 19th.