Fallout 4 is the latest release from Bethesda, and much like previous games in the series, it has upped the bar for the RPG genre. Whether you’ve previously played a Fallout game, or are new to the series, setting out into such a large RPG map can be daunting. With so many locations, quests and enemies to take on you will need all the help you can get. So here are 5 simple tips to that will benefit you in Fallout 4.



Use the quick menu

This is a really handy tool if you find yourself needing to quickly draw a different weapon, or if your health is low and you need a stimpak. You can do this by opening the items menu in your Pip Boy pressing RB/R1 whilst selecting your chosen item, and assign your items to any of the 12 available slots. Once you’ve played the game for a while and begun to hoard a tonne of items, you’ll appreciate being able to select your favourite items with ease, rather than searching through lots of items on a menu.

Fallout menu

Get more XP for completing quests

If you look through your items list you’ll seem some that have ‘INT’ as one of the perks of equipping it, this means it will boost your intelligence rating. Before you complete the final stage of a quest, equip these items to get yourself more XP. Getting extra XP means you will be able to unlock perks or improve your stats quicker.

Get some zzzz’s

Although stimpaks aren’t very hard to come by in Fallout 4, it would be pointless to waste them. You can get back to full health by getting some sleep, even if it’s for an hour (not a actual hour). Just find yourself a bed, or build one in your settlement, and you will be back to full health.


Get rid of your radiation

This is one of the more important tips, because it can prove to be annoying when you need a quick boost to full health. Your health bar is green, but when you get radiation damage some of the space is filled with red for radiation. The issue is if you don’t get rid of the radiation, your health will only be able to regenerate to the start of the red. Meaning that stimpaks can easily be wasted when they will only give you as much as the radiation allows. Using Rad-Away will get rid of your radiation and then use a stimpak to get back to full health.

Power Armor can be stolen

Acquiring Fallout 4 power armor is a lot easier, and way more common in Fallout 4. This is why people have began to store their collections of Power Armor at their settlements, or is that just me? What many gamers don’t know is that it can be stolen. So next time your base is being attacked by raiders, one of them may have traded their Mad Max-esque leather outfit for your favourite power armor. To stop this all you have to do is remove the fusion core when you’re not using it.


The tips above are pretty basic, but it’s often these types of things that are easily forgotten or go unnoticed. Whether it will help you rank up quicker, maintain your health or stop you wasting valuable stimpaks – these tips will make life in the wasteland a little bit easier.