We all know how it feels like to be left powerless, it is all smart until your smartphone runs out of battery and you feel lost without your smart device. ChargeTech seems to solve this problem on-the-move with its ultra-compact 12,000mAh portable battery pack, that is able to power any device, such as smartphones, tablets, computers and any other USB & AC compatible devices (under 65W).

This external pack can charge 2 devices simultaneously, with its high capacity 12000mAh that can fully charge several devices without needing to charge the pack itself.

ChargeTech claims that its battery pack is the World’s Smallest Battery Pack with USB & AC Outlets for All Your Electronics.

ChargeTech battery charging pack is small enough to fit in you pocket, light enough to carry around, smart enough to cope with 2 devices at a time.

You can now grab this piece of kit for the price of $89.99, a 33% discount over its original $135 price for the next 6 days (Ending In: 6 days – 21/11/15). We believe it’s a good deal, if you agree, click here to redeem the offer.