BlackBerry Priv’s messaging app is a perfect way of fulfilling all your communication needs via SMS and MMS messages, but EvolveSMS is a feature-rich app that comes with additional features and functionality that simplify messaging.

This app comes from the developers of Sliding Messaging and looks absolutely stunning.

One of the most interesting features and the first thing you will notice when you start using EvolveSMS is the “gesture-based messaging,” which means you can operate the app using swipe-based gestures.

Swiping from left edge of the screen opens the conversation list. We can switch between messages, delete threads and do a lot more by just swiping. So everything is just a swipe away.

While this feature alone makes messaging easier, there’s a whole lot more in store. For example, EvolveSMS allows you to customize the appearance.

What Makes EvolveSMS Different from Messenger

Visual Settings and Notification Settings are the main and most important differences, as these features are not available on the BlackBerry Messenger.

Visual Settings give you the ability to customize the look and feel of the app to suit your taste and requirement. This includes changing the backgrounds, text size, themes and even having a custom picture for each of your contacts. The app offers several color, theme and background options to choose from; but you can also use Google Play where you will find hundreds of options.

Under Notification Settings, BlackBerry users can set up everything from individual LED, vibrations, quick text notifications, popup reply dialog boxes and a whole lot more for their contacts.

Using the Notification Settings feature is extremely easy. All you have to do is choose a contact, find a pattern, LED color and select a notification icon.

More EvolveSMS Features

There are several other options in EvolveSMS, including scheduled messages, personalized mass messages, splitting messages into proper length, archiving messages, mass deleting messages, Pushbullet and Pebble support.

It also offers Dropbox and Google Drive backup syncing.

You get full multimedia support, enabling you to send images, audio, videos, GIFs etc.

EvolveSMS is all about Privacy

EvolveSMS also offers a great privacy feature – the Private Inbox. If you want to keep specific messages or conversations private and away from prying eyes; you have password protection, using which you can lock up messages that can only be extracted with a password. You can also control the notifications.

Interested in checking out EvolveSMS? The app is completely free but you can get the add-on customization pack for $1.49, which offers additional features and functionality, including the MMS option.

Download EvolveSMS for your BlackBerry Priv – FREE from Google Play.

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