Emerald City Spoilers: Will Emerald City Accept Princess Ozma as Their Ruler?

As the series concludes its first season, Emerald City spoilers have revealed that the show’s season finale, entitled No Place Like Home, will feature Tip and West in their quest to seek vengeance from the Wizard’s misdeeds as they set foot on Emerald City.

Tip’s real identity as Princess Ozma, the rightful heir to the throne and ruler of the city, will raise questions about whether or not the people are prepared to accept her as their true and rightful leader.

Emerald City spoilers suggest, however, that such concern won’t come to be until the calm following all the chaos — as Dorothy prepares to fight off the Wizard herself.

Will Lucas Give In to His Dark Side?

Recent Emerald City spoilers reveal that Lucas will continue to struggle between his good and evil sides — and that he and Dorothy will be even farther apart from each other as memories of his old self continue to haunt him.

But will he give in to his dark side?

While the answer to that inevitable question still remains to be seen, the latest Emerald City spoilers hint that Dorothy and Lucas will find themselves on the opposite sides of the fence.

Langwidere, the Lady of Ev, meanwhile, will stage an intense standoff with the Wizard as the latter arrives in the Kingdom of Ev.

Hard decisions will be made, and blood will be shed in Emerald City’s ninth episode, The Villain That’s Become.

Was Glinda Searching for Lucas All Along?

The latest Emerald City spoilers for the show’s next episode, entitled Lions in Winter, reveal that Glinda will ‘reclaim’ something that she has long been searching for.

Previous Emerald City spoilers have revealed that Glinda and Lucas shared a passionate kiss upon seeing each other as Lucas arrives with Dorothy at the Good Witch of the South’s castle.

New promo photos for the show, meanwhile, have also shown Lucas and Glinda alone together, seemingly passionate about each other — which leads to these inevitable questions:

Is Lucas the ‘thing’ that Glinda will be reclaiming? Or is it something that Lucas has been obscurely hiding?

Is Lucas Glinda’s Lover?

Lucas’ identity has always been mysterious, and it seemed so — even to himself — in all the past episodes of Emerald City so far.

Recent Emerald City spoilers indicate, however, that the mystery that surrounds the man who had no memory even of his own name will finally be revealed in the show’s seventh episode, entitled They Came First.

Emerald City spoilers hint that Dorothy’s about to witness something that won’t please her — after seemingly having fallen for the man she named ‘Lucas’.

In the show’s upcoming episode, Emerald City spoilers suggest that in light of the brewing trouble they’ve found themselves in the middle of, Dorothy, Lucas, and Silvie will be heading up North to seek help from Glinda.

Upon meeting the Witch of the North, however, Dorothy witnesses something that she would never have expected or wanted — Lucas steps forward and plants a passionate kiss on Glinda’s lips.

Were Lucas and Glinda lovers?

Will this be the end of Lucas’ and Dorothy’s blossoming love affair?

Will Glinda find out about Lucas and Dorothy? Will she help them even after finding out about them?

Meanwhile, the Wizard of Oz will launch an assault on a village, as he wages a war against Glinda for her apparent betrayal. The Wizard has just found out about Glinda’s spies, whom she have trained and embedded as part of the former’s High Council.

Anna was killed by the Wizard upon this discovery, having thought that she had betrayed him, though she hadn’t.

Silvie, on the other hand, had turned King Ev into stone after the latter frightened her when he approached her and Toto.

Needless to say, Lady Ev was upset and threatened to destroy the entire of Emerald City.

Emerald City spoilers suggest, however, that the Wizard will be able to persuade Lady Ev to spare the city and develop a weapon that she could use to kill witches instead.

But how could Dorothy and her friends possibly survive the imminent trouble before them?