Is Emerald City Season 2 Happening?

Despite the fact that the show was originally booked by NBC only for a limited event, a series of 10 episodes, somehow Emerald City took the world by a storm like no other.

The show’s modern take on The Wizard of Oz — specifically intended for audiences within the age range of 18 years or older — has proved to be quite the huge success that it was never expected to be.

And while Emerald City somehow fell short of expectations somewhere along the way, its first ever season finale — entitled No Place Like Home — was such a huge success that many are wondering whether an Emerald City Season 2 will ever be happening.

Although the show was only intended for a limited event, it’s highly likely that NBC is now reconsidering an Emerald City Season 2 — after all, the show’s season finale raked in a whopping 2.9 million viewers.

No Place Like Home was Emerald City‘s show of force, demonstrating how much influence the show has on millions of viewers, despite showing only an average of 2 to 2.5 million viewers through the course of the series so far.

And because the show ended on a scene where another is likely to begin, the chances of an Emerald City Season 2 actually happening is closer to reality than ever before.

If the show is renewed and Emerald City Season 2 becomes a reality, it will be a living proof that ratings aren’t really everything — what with Emerald a City‘s popularity despite its rating’s mediocrity throughout the series.

For now, however, fans can only hope for Emerald City Season 2 to happen, as no official confirmation has been announced by NBC as of yet.

In the meantime, Emerald City devotees can watch all ten episodes of the show over and over again, perhaps until the day that NBC announces that an Emerald City Season 2 is in fact happening. Then the waiting shall begin.