eBay customers and sellers are reporting that the access to the site is very slow or unresponsive and it is not yet known what the cause may be. We are not sure if this problem is an intermittent issue or site-wide issue and awaiting for eBay to make an official statement about the problem. It has been reported that eBay product search is working intermittently which could be causing a loss of sales for eBay sellers in one of the busiest time of the year.

Additionally, sellers are reporting that they are not able to revise their listings or create new listings and they receive following errors:

*Feature unavailable

*This feature is temporarily unavailable

*Your selections have caused errors. Please click Continue below to go back and correct your errors.

When trying to purchase a product from eBay, buyers get the following error: ‘Your request couldn’t be processed at this time’

Server status checking service ‘isitdownrightnow’ is reporting that ebay.com is having problems with the following status: the website is currently suffering service disruption, however, users from eBay.co.uk are also experiencing similar problems.

eBay going down 2 days prior to ‘Black Friday’ could become a serious problem for both customers and sellers and in return for eBay itself, we will update you with more information when we get an update from eBay.

If you’re also having issues with eBay, please let us know in the comments below.

Update: ‘eBay App’ users are also reporting similar problems therefore this could be an overall issue with eBay worldwide.

eBay’s official Twitter account has just posted the following tweet:

-We’re aware that some users are experiencing issues & we’re working to resolve. We apologize for any inconvenience! Stay tuned for updates.