Facebook Moments will soon be a necessity.

Facebook users were puzzled when they were told that their photos will soon be deleted and that they need to download Facebook Moments if they want to keep them.

Although many users found the subtle warning a bit alarming, many users assumed that they were not to be affected by the impending changes on the social media platform — until they found out for themselves that the opposite is true.

One user had the surprise of her life when she found out that about 12,000 of her photos were synced to Facebook without her knowing it — and now all 12,000 of those are in danger of disappearing forever if she does not download Facebook Moments, or if she doesn’t still have them stored on her phone.

It remains unclear how users will be able to find out if their photos are synced to Facebook, however — and it also remains unclear how Facebook has given itself permission to sync its users’ photos without their knowledge.

Critics found this new move by Facebook sinister — as the social media giant practically leaves users no choice but to download the app that the company wants them to download.

This is not the first time that Facebook made a move like this, however, as its users were in the same scenario in the not-so-distant past when the social media giant forced its Facebook messenger app on its users.

Meanwhile, another social media giant also has its very own ‘Moments’ feature — Twitter. But Twitter’s ‘Moments’ platform is not something to be confused with Facebook Moments, as the latter performs a completely different function.

According to its developers, Facebook Moments is intended to be a photo-sharing app designed to make both sharing and managing of photos a seamless experience for its users.

The same users, however, were not amused when they were told that they needed to download Facebook Moments or their photos will be gone forever.

According to Facebook, users have until July 7 to download the app and save their photos.