Diablo IV might already be in the works

It’s been four years since Blizzard released Diablo III, and new movement in the company seemed to have indicated that it might be cooking up something fresh — possibly Diablo IV — or so, some thought.

The company’s recent job posting, which clearly indicated that a Diablo Project Director is needed, appeared to have been taken as a sign that Blizzard is gearing up for the development of the highly anticipated fourth installment of its highly successful Diablo franchise by some of the game’s diehard fans.

Blizzard was quick to clear up what seems to be a slight misunderstanding on the part of Diablo’s fans, however.

The company clarified that the job posting was necessary because Diablo III Director Josh Mosqueira has decided to leave the company.

According to the company, Mosqueira felt that it is the best time for him to leave, as it appears that Diablo III is doing extremely well at the moment and his absence is likely to pose only a minimal impact to the game’s team.

Reports say the reason Mosqueira decided to leave the company is that he hopes to pursue other projects.

Blizzard’s statement on its new Diablo Project Director job posting wasn’t taken at face value by some analysts, however. The reason for this being that the company has also posted job openings for several other positions — which analysts think is indicative that the company might just be gearing up for a new project, possibly Diablo IV.

The company has so far made no comment on if, whether, and when it plans to start working on Diablo IV -–- although Blizzard is in fact expected to make announcements related to the game in the upcoming BlizzCon, an event hosted by the company itself, which is happening in November of this year.