Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Abby Missing Again?

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that things might just be getting sour by the hour for Abigail as they seem to have taken a turn for the worse.

Abby’s fake death in the past now appear to have started to backfire, and the biggest victim of the predicament that she’s in seems to be no one else by herself.

As she tries to rebuild her marriage, challenges continue to hound her way.

Her husband, Chad, moved on from her ‘death’ a little too early— and the biggest challenge for him right now seems to be getting his eyes off of Gabi.

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Abby will catch her husband red-handed with Gabi this time, and this awkward situation just might lead to something even more complicated than originally expected.

Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Abby’s awkward incident with Chad and Gabi will not provoke an extreme reaction on the aggrieved wife straight away, but is likely to trigger a lot more trouble for much later.

Meanwhile, Deimos seems to be bent on making Chad’s life miserable after the fiasco that the latter seemed to have brought him, and the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chad will find himself taken aback by the gravity of the scheming that Deimos laid out just for him.

But Chad’s problem with Deimos isn’t the only difficult situation he’s about to face.

It appears that Deimos knows where it’ll hurt Chad the most, and a sad incident involving Abby will soon come to pass as the storyline for the show’s upcoming episodes for this week continue to unfold.

It seems that Chad’s problem with Deimos and his wife will, at the end, intertwine — leaving him with more than he was prepared for.

Abby will once again disappear — and the reason behind her disappearance seems to have something to do not just with Gabi, but with Deimos, too.