Damn Daniel game makes it to the top charts

It’s been over a month since that ‘Damn, Daniel’ craze started, and the insanely popular meme still shows no signs of dying down.

The ‘Damn, Daniel’ duo didn’t just get featured on The Ellen Show, it also earned Daniel a lifetime supply of white Vans —- an ongoing shoe trend which the duo appeared to have started.

Not long after being awarded with that lifetime supply, the duo headed over to the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital to donate the white Vans they received from the supply given by the shoe company itself.

In March 7, the Damn Daniel game was launched by a developer named Josiah Jenkins.

Today, it looks like the game is taking the world by storm.

Currently on the top ten of Apple’s App Store, the Damn Daniel game has over 1,300 reviews. And though it appears that many of these reviews are bot-generated and are not really real, a substantial number of users also left legitimate reviews.

Up close, the game unexpectedly exceeds expectations.

Damn Daniel works similar to games like Dong Nguyen’s ‘Flappy Bird’, and the game does not fail to excite at all.

Some reviews warn, however, that the game contains excessive ads that glitch and often interfere with the game.

Playing the Damn Daniel game

The game requires users to jump from one platform to another and then pick up diamonds along the way to earn points.

Whenever Daniel falls off a platform, users get to hear the ever-famous “Damn, Daniel” line from the duo’s viral video.

As players earn more points, new characters are unlocked in the game.

The Damn Daniel game is not the first app to be inspired by the meme. A ‘Damn, Daniel’ soundboard, a ‘Damn, Daniel’ flappy bird-inspired game, and a ‘Damn Daniel’ clicker app are only among those inspired by the insanely popular meme.