Because Snapchat scores mean everything.

A myriad of users took it to Twitter to complain about how their Snapchat scores appeared to have mysteriously taken a nosedive overnight.

Numerous Snapchat users have complained that the scores that they have so painstakingly maintained in the platform fell sharply without warning — and, apparently, without any conceivable reason, either.

It was never clear what Snapchat scores were for and what exactly it is that they do as its makers appears to have never taken the initiative to lay down its cards to its users.

Some experts explain that the Snap scores only represent the combined number of Snaps sent and received by each user.

Why these scores are significant, however, remains unclear to this day.

What are Snapchat scores, anyway?

Snap scores are the numbers that appear right across each user’s name in the part where the contacts are shown in the app.

To see the actual breakdown of these numbers, users will have to check the section where they see the messages they sent and received — and then tap on the part that says ‘Snapchat’, which is on the middle of the topmost part of the screen.

The number of Snaps sent and received should now be seen on the top part of the screen where the word ‘Snapchat’ used to be.

And while the company appears to make it seem as though these Snap scores are of significant importance, long-time Snapchatters don’t seem to notice any changes that can be traced back to the scores.

Nevertheless, countless users of the popular social media platform took notice after a drastic and apparently unnecessary change has been done on their Snap accounts — which saw their once relatively ‘high’ scores reduced to about a fraction of what it used to be.