Cloud Strife To Join Super Smash Bros

With the arrival of December, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS fans are counting down the days until new characters are revealed alongside Cloud.

Cloud Strife, hailing from Final Fantasy VII, has already been announced as the next downloadable fighter in Nintendo’s popular franchise. The announcement of Cloud last month came as a major surprise to the gaming world, leading gamers to speculate on what could possibly follow.

Nintendo had stated that there will be a Nintendo Direct specific to Super Smash Bros. coming out sometime this month. This was coupled with their announcement that this will be the final Smash Bros. specific Nintendo Direct released. Because the Direct is specific to the game, it seems more than likely that more than one major reveal will occur.

One thing fans should expect to see in the new Nintendo Direct is the results of the Fighter Ballot. The Fighter Ballot, launched by Nintendo last year and ending back in October, gave people a chance to vote for whomever they pleased. Characters receiving the most votes would be seriously considered by Nintendo to be added as a fighter. Because the results have not been released, it is unclear whether or not Cloud was among the top characters.

Fans should also expect specific release dates for upcoming Smash Bros. related content. Cloud Strife and his special Midgar themed stage have not yet been given a release date, so expect more information on that. Also, there will more than likely be at least one more character revealed, as well as new stages, Mii Costumes, updates and potentially new game modes.

Cloud Strife, Super Smash Bros Newcomer will be Available on DLC Update

Previous updates for the game have added features to the game, such as the Tourney mode online and balance patches to improve weaker characters.

Now, it is only a matter of time until we get the newest information on Smash Bros.