Latest Clash of Clans news and updates.

In an effort to keep devoted Clash of Clans gamers from devoting all of their time playing the highly addictive game, developers behind the smash hit mobile game have previously imposed what they call a “Personal Break” — a feature which CoC gamers are mostly hating on.

But while this unwelcome feature used to let gamers play only for a very short period of three hours before they are forced to take the mandatory “Personal Break” of 30 minutes, the latest update should let the CoC players enjoy more playing time as the limit has been increased to a full four hours before the mandatory “Personal Break” — which, by the way, has been lessened to 15 minutes — is imposed.

Personal break limit extensions, on the other hand, has been increased to 30 minutes. This feature only applies, however, if a player gets kicked out of their precious Clash of Clans game while taking a defense sans a shield, or at the times that they are not being attacked.

Another significant update is the Village Guard buff extension, which automatically activates for the gamers as their shield expires. Those who are at the champion levels can now enjoy a full hour of their Village Guards, while those below the champion levels can enjoy the same for a full 30 minutes.

Players ranked as Titan I now have four hours long of the same privilege, those in Titan II have three hours, while Titan II players get to enjoy two full hours of the Village Guard.

The latest Clash of Clans update also includes the X-mas tree Easter egg obstacle and several bug fixes.

Some users who already downloaded this latest update were not satisfied, however. A number of CoC players have complained that the “Personal Break” bug fixes weren’t really taking effect, while some have complained that the latest update has caused their app to load a whole lot slower.

Supercell, which is the firm behind this highly popular game, is yet to comment on these issues.

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