Clash of Clans Update

If the latest Clash of Clans news and updates are to be believed, then CoC gamers might just be in for a huge surprise by the time Supercell releases the next update.

Recent rumors about the expected update of the famous game have been making their rounds on the internet — and they’re saying something major is about to change in the Clash of Clan world.

According to the news recently published, the latest Clash of Clans update might just bring a whole new unit into the game.

The new unit, as reported in the article, will most likely be based on the Dark Elixir.

And if this rumor serves to be true, serious consequences may be felt in the entire Clash of Clans world.

In short, this could mean that this particular update can have a tremendous impact on the entire CoC gameplay!

In the meantime, game developer Supercell has remained mum over what could possibly be included in the next CoC update.

According to the latest Clash of Clans news and updates, however, all signs indicate that a significant added feature is brewing under the Supercell headquarters. This means that the new update will no longer be merely about bug fixes and minor changes.

Clash of Clans gamers have recently suffered a major blow on their gaming schedules after Supercell has reportedly decided to take CoC offline for a short while in an effort to make way for bug fixes, as well as to address specific issues in the game.

Supercell is yet to comment on the rumored update, which will allegedly be launched by the game developer sometime in March.

Disclaimer: None of the rumors stated above have been confirmed by Supercell itself.

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