Clash of Clans is due for a big update, the Town Hall 11 update, Supercell hinted numerous changes to shields, base defence and trophies features along with many others that are to be released with the new update. The new update will surely change the way the game is played, however not all changes are welcomed by Clash of Clans fans around the world. Jonas, a Clash of Clans developer, gave an interview to provide general details about the update and reasons behind it, this may also be directed for those who were not very keen about the changes which are due to take place with the new update to clear things up. Jonas believes that the new update will make the game easier to play the game and it will be a long-term effort to make the game better and keep its players happy.

One of the reasons for the update is that ‘Town hall shields’ work are making players want to ‘vanish’ to protect their base, and he pointed out that the issue of farming will not change as much as people think it will, as many users have taken their reaction to reddit and other forums claiming that farming will pretty much die after the update.

See the link below for Q&A youtube interview that discusses trophies, defense bonuses, arranged wars, the future of Clan Wars, and much more.


1:02 – Why make these complex changes?

7:51 – What is going to happen with farming/is farming dead?

12:27 – Clearing up personal break changes!

15:51 – Possibility of victorious defense bonus?

16:49 – Focusing only on trophy pushers this update?

18:44 – Is it going to be harder to find bases now?

21:16 – Are defenseless bases obsolete?

24:36 – Arranged wars & future of Clan Wars

29:05 – Final words from Jonas

Below is the list of details that released in the official Forum post on how the new Town Hall 11 update affects several features of Clash of Clans’ Shields, Village Guard, Personal Break Timer, Loot, League Bonus, Trophy Rebalancing features.

Shields Update:

  • 12 hours shield given at 30% destruction
  • 14 hours shield given at 60% destruction
  • 16 hours shield given at 90% destruction
  • Attacking Through Shield Update:

    Village Guard Update:

  • 2 hours extra Village Guard available in Shop for 10 gems while shield is down (23 hour cooldown)
  • Village Guard can be dismissed manually (to intentionally take a defense)
  • Personal Break Timer (PBT) Update:

    PBT reset cases Update:

    Loot Update:

    League Bonus Update:

    Trophy Rebalancing Update:

    [NEW] Other Changes and Updates: