The Casa Un Patio or Courtyard Cabin by architect Lucas Maino Fernandez is located in Molco, surrounded by dense vegetation on the outskirts of Chile. It is located at the foot of the northern part of the Villarrica volcano. 

One would probably need a guide to get to the cabin. It is very difficult to access because of its surrounding natural terrain. It sits between the mountain range and Villarrica lake. Topography aside, the property features contemporary and modern aesthetics that look out to the greenery outside. 

The Casa Un Patio also integrates a part of its natural habitat into the interior space by adding a void in the structure to preserve a portion of the forest. The trees serve as the lush central courtyard where the rest of the living spaces are built around it. This allows natural light, heat, and internal circulation to penetrate the inside of the house, to contradict that dark and cold environment outside. The setting gives the common areas (living room, kitchen, and dining) their much-deserved ventilation and ambient light.

Meanwhile, other positions of the house also provide comfort and warmth. The northern part corresponds to the entrance and rises above treetops to capture light from the north. Then the south facade opens through a window overlooking the forest and sunlight seeps through the east through glazed windows.

The Casa Un Patio is home to native saplings and ferns that humidify the environment. It is for those who crave solitude and the company of nature. 

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Images courtesy of Lucas Maino Fernandez