BlackBerry announced new and enhanced Good® Secure EMM Suites with additional enterprise software for secure mobile communications.

Businesses have data moving across a host of devices with billions of end points; phones, tablets, PCs and even personal clouds. While this increases collaborative opportunities for businesses, it also comes with challenges in the form of risks and threats.

Called Good Secure EMM Suites, the new product offers integrated BES®12, Good Dynamics and WatchDox® by BlackBerry.

Integration of BES®12, Good Dynamics and WatchDox®: Enhanced Enterprise Software Features

The new ‘Good Secure EMM Suites’ is a single secure management platform and console – that creates a security blanket over all business data, identities, applications and content.

BlackBerry’s enterprise software portfolio is popular and offers numerous capabilities. BlackBerry integrates these enterprise software capabilities into the Good Secure EMM Suites.

Additional enterprise software features help businesses apply security with a single command and control center, across various devices, OS, application, network and file layers. Employees can access their data across a variety of devices and operating systems, at any time from any location.

Through this integration, BlackBerry aims at delivering greater flexibility and security along with increased productivity.

Enterprises typically consist of different user bases and data sensitivities that require multiple security approaches. In addition, many organizations enable various device ownership models such as BYOD, COPE or COBO that create different requirements for protecting user privacy. By integrating BES12, Good Dynamics and WatchDox by BlackBerry, organizations can choose the right approach across all users, device and OS platforms and ownership models without creating administrative overhead and while controlling their TCO spend.

Traditionally, management of devices, apps and content required multiple consoles from different vendors, requiring multiple security approaches.

With BlackBerry’s multi-OS EMM platform, businesses will be able to secure devices, apps and content and work data – all from a single secure platform.

The same suite of apps can be used for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone users.

The Canada-based smartphone maker revealed that an updated BES-12.5 and other releases will be seen over the next few weeks.

The Good Secure EMM Suites with advanced enterprise software will launch at the end of June. Pricing has not been announced.