BlackBerry’s latest product offering has nothing to do with a smartphone or Android OS, but rather a trucking oriented tracking system called BlackBerry Radar.

Blackberry unveiled the new logistics centric IoT tracking system at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky on March 31.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as we know the company has been focusing heavily on software and services.

BlackBerry Radar is a tracking system designed for trucking companies and fleet operators.

This system provides tracking and a number of other tools for logistics support. The system uses software based on BlackBerry’s cloud IoT platform. It makes it possible for trucking companies to track every step of their shipments.


BlackBerry Radar Tracking System

Tracking System
BlackBerry Radar End-to-End Tracking System

It is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT)-based tracking system that helps trucking companies track their trailers and shipping containers.

This can improve on-time delivery, reduce operational costs, prevent cargo theft and boost profits, the company said.

This reporting system monitors the location of freight containers and trailers and delivers real-time data to managers through a highly secure online portal.

The online portal is accessible from any location and any mobile device like a smartphone, tablet or a computer.

Installing BlackBerry Radar

BlackBerry’s high-end tracking system doesn’t require any heavy IT infrastructure and is easy to install.

According to Stephen West, senior director of IoT business development, the installation takes no more than 10 minutes.

The self-powered (battery) asset tracking device is mounted on a trailer door.

The tracking device includes GPS location tracking, sensors that report the presence of cargo within the trailer as well as the temperature and humidity levels.

“BlackBerry Radar is fully integrated and provisioned, so customers can hit the ground running. Within minutes of installing our tracking device, users can access timely information on their assets to help make agile decisions that can dramatically improve an organization’s profitability,” said Derek Kuhn, Senior Vice President, BlackBerry IoT.

Data Collection

Tracking System
BlackBerry Radar Tracking Stem Data Collection

BlackBerry Radar eliminates the guessing game by sending real-time alerts whenever their vehicle has crossed a user-defined Geofence or even when the trailer door has opened or closed.

The GPS location is monitored and the presence of cargo is confirmed at all times, making sure no theft has taken place.

It even shows the exact temperature and humidity levels inside the container.

The team at the office can permit access to this data to other parties involved, like sending a notification to warehouse staff, helping them prepare to receive the shipment.

This is crucial information that helps operations managers, load planners and dispatchers make sure things are done on time and in a profitable manner.

Online Portal

BlackBerry Radar customers can access this data by logging in to the BlackBerry Radar’s secure online portal.

Once inside the portal, they are shown clear and attractive visualizations and one-click reports pertaining to their mobile assets.

“And because BlackBerry Radar is cloud-based, it offers the ultimate in convenience. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer equipped with a web browser, and you can access information for real-time decision-making – wherever you are, and whenever you need it,” said Derek Kuhn.

Security and Privacy

BlackBerry Radar tracking system encrypts all transmitted information. It authenticates the device as well as cloud endpoints.

Even those who are given access to data can only get their hands on specific information related to them.

What’s more is the scope for customization with apps thanks to the API support.

While there is other tracking technology available today for the freight trucking industry, it is largely unregulated. Some of the tracking systems don’t offer frequent data updates, some use complex user interfaces and this makes it impossible to stop theft or improve asset utilization.

Currently the customer pilot of the system is made available for select trucking companies and private fleet operators who are testing the BlackBerry Radar system.

The system is scheduled for general availability in summer 2016.

You can email for inquiries.

BlackBerry Radar tracking system installation video to give you an idea: